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Empowering business insights with cutting-edge technology


We deliver information & data driven insights to support our clients in making informed decisions


Your company has an immense load of data and you just don’t know how to make sense of it.

We come with a whole new ball game – collecting every kind of raw business’ data and converting them into real-time actionable insights!

We provide Business Intelligence that solves all your business needs.

Strategic Research

Unlock Your Market's Potential with Expert Insights
Discover valuable insights for your business with our Strategic research services.
Our experienced consultants use the latest tools and techniques to gather data, providing you with accurate and actionable information to make informed decisions.
Enhance your competitiveness and drive growth!
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Data Analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Ease and Confidence
Transform your data into actionable insights with our Data Analytics services.
Our team of expert Data Scientists leverage power of automation and statistics to quickly analyze large amount of information.
From data visualization to predictive analytics, we deliver customized solutions to meet your specific needs
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Customized Services

Efficiency Redefined with Customized Business Solutions
Streamline your business operations with our customized services.
We offer a wide range of solutions to help you achieve your goal in short span of time.
Our team of experts provides professional and efficient services to save you time and resources. Elevate your business performance with our customized solutions
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Whether you are an existing business – small or big – or even a start-up, understanding your company’s data gives you a competitive advantage. We are committed to turning your business around, one raw data at a time!

At Penguin International, we provide solutions that your business would thank you for.

We are not just another Knowledge services company. Our services have wide application, across industries: 

  • Faster data and market analysis
  • Increased organizational and work efficiency
  • Data-driven business decisions
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Trusted and governed data
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Complete confidentiality
  • More for less (we give you value for only fraction of the market price!)
  • We Are Pathfinders: We go ahead to find solutions and a way out of your business challenges. We pride ourselves on our ability to thoroughly understand our client's requirements, industrial dynamics and macro environment, and capitalize on that to provide our promised turnaround solutions.
  • We Are Not for Everyone: We exist only for businesses that are interested in turning scrambled data into actionable insights for better decision-making. Our services are custom to our clients, prioritizing quality, timeliness, and most importantly, Value.
Nothing much! Just give us a call or email us your requirements. Our expertise team to will reach out to you with a customized solution that is just right for you

Our Clients Can’t Stop Talking About us

Dear Penguins, I am writing to thank you for the quality service provided by your company. I sincerely appreciate efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole.
Ankur & Gautam are one of the most approachable colleague, I have ever met.
Thank you!
Good Job Team!! Your overall search is effective and timely. You guys asked relevant questions upfront and delivered good quality. Thank you for putting up the extra time to reach our targets. Really appreciate yours support.

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