Case Study


Global & Indian Industry Associations

Client wants name & member list of major association for 6 different industries [Automotive & EV manufacturing, Renewal Energy, Green hydrogen, Petrochemical, Electronics and Aerospace & Defence].

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Detailed Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to research thoroughly about major associations & member’s list for given 6 major industry across India & globally.

The Solution

“Our team researched each industry & collect major associations. After preparing a list of big associations across global & India individually, our team prepared a database for member list of each association We have segregated two different sheets for “Association name & their other details” and “Member’s list for each association””

Association Membership List

Big list of members in some associations

Image Reading Tools

Used tools which can read images to perform the task efficiently

The Impact we created

With the collected information client can evaluate the potential association they want to reach for future engagements.

Indian Association Prospects

Potential Indian associations for future engagements

Association Contact Information

Details to connect with the associations