About Us

We are your one-stop business solution provider

Penguin International is the leading firm for delivering modern business intelligence. We empower large number of clients around the world to grow their businesses with our flexible and efficient services.

Established in 2006 and headquartered in India, we have perfected an excellent approach to data research and analysis which makes us the go-to for small and large businesses alike.

We have catered to businesses like yours—businesses of all sizes, from various industries for over a decade.

Clients $1B+

Includes top consulting firms

Clients $100M+

Includes top MNC from advisory & financial sector

Clients $10M+

Includes companies across domain/sectors

Meet Our Team

We are made up of close to 100 trained people from different works of life including Engineers, MBAs, Lawyers, Doctors, Graduates & Postgraduates in various courses. Each member creates a rich blend of knowledge and experience.

Despite that, we believe we can be better. This is why we continuously invest most of our resources in more knowledge and development to serve you better.

Our Core Values


This is the core of our core values which form the basis of our work process, where we trust and give equal opportunities to all team members to build confidence and improve.


At Penguin International, we aim for excellence through a consistent process and focus on the growth and development of every team member for overall success.


We value openness and equal opportunities for all to express thoughts and ideas, and promote transparency to create an effective and comfortable work environment.


In striving for excellence, we prioritize empathy, being perceptive and accommodating to improve our workflow and foster a safe and united team.


As a team, we focus on gradual growth by providing opportunities for each other to advance, resulting in even better work.

Creative thinkers, Solution finders and amazing team players can apply to work with us.