Case Study


Chemical Companies profiling

Clients wants to prepare 2-page company profile with the company’s financials, key management details, product portfolio, strategic investments/news in detail for investment purposes.

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Detailed Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to perform exhaustive detailed research and comprehensive reading to identify the relevant data points for the client’s requirement.

The Solution

“Our team performed exhaustive research through company investor presentations, annual reports, press release & web search for better output for each given company in chemical industry. We have presented companies in PPT format, where we have given all the sources & important information in footnotes”

Understanding EBITDA

Calculated product-wise EBITDA

Importance of Consistency in Parameters

Consistency in parameters across the companies

The Impact we created

With the consistent & exhaustive information for each company in Chemical industry, output helped our client to take better steps towards future investments.

Evaluating Investment Options

Clarity to identify future investments options

Overview of the Chemical Industry in India

Chemical Industry perspective in Indian market