Case Study


Concepts/Themes for Customer engagement

Client was looking out for ideas, themes, and concepts to in order to build a strong customer engagement portfolio. They were aiming for unique ideas already in the market on which they can further build

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Detailed Research


Consulting Firm


Customer Service

Project Completion

September, 2022

The Problem

Our task was to identify and chart out unique, new, trendy and fresh ideas/themes already in the market for customer engagement through extensive open web research.

The Solution

Our team efficiently conducted a comprehensive market research and engineered a list of around 40 cases with unique and trendy ideas/themes/concepts. Our approach to diversify our research by giving data from multiple industries, be it Fashion, F&B, FinTech, etc, which eventually made our research rich.

Data Challenges

Large pool of repetitive data


Identify unique ideas/themes/concepts

The Impact we created

Our support became a crucial steppingstone for the client as comprehensive case-based research introduced our client to plethora of new, trendy ideas. Few examples were highly appreciated as they opened a whole new world or opportunities.

Data-based Trends

Segregating the approach into industries and aligned itself with trendy ideas.

Relevant Insights

Comprehensive case-based research