Case Study


New Product Launches

Clients wants to track new product launches in automotive industry with 2W, CV & PV OEM (India focused).

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Basic Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to research about the new launched vehicle in previous month & unique features of each launched vehicle.

The Solution

“Our team performed research through ET Auto India daily news feeds to tracking newly launched vehicles in 2W, Commercial Vehicles & Passenger Vehicle category We have also populated the required information (Company name, model name, fuel type & unique features) for each variants ”

Understanding New and Facelift Vehicles

Identify new & facelift vehicles

Overview of 2W, CV, and PV Categories

Tracked Indian OEMs launched in 2W, CV & PV category

The Impact we created

With the given information of new product launches client have knowledge of the any newly launched or facelift model which launched in India.

Factors Affecting Model Launches

Database for newly launched & facelift models for every month

Understanding Automotive Features

Provide new features for each model