Case Study


Go-To-Market and Monetization strategies

The client was launching a new B2B marketplace and wants to understand the methods used by B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce platforms, as well as the criteria used in selecting monetization and GTM models

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Detailed Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

December, 2022

The Problem

It was necessary to do in-depth study into the methods currently being employed by the main B2B marketplaces and the results of using those methods.

The Solution

We have conducted a thorough search to locate numerous papers on “Go-To-Market and Monetization Strategies”. We have also included the strategies used by the top ten B2B marketplaces, as well as their success stories

Trusted Data

Selecting a reliable source


Used top companies for strategy analysis

The Impact we created

Using the output we provided, the client can easily understand the best monetization and go-to-market strategy for their business. The client will also get an understanding of the current market scenario.

Market Insights

Knowledge of current market scenarios

Action Plan

Understand the suitable monetization and go-to-market strategy for their business