Case Study


Dealership Images – Automotive OEM

Clients wants dealership images for major automotive OEM players (EV & Non-EV).

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Basic Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to do select dealership images for major OEMs from web search, press release & their websites.

The Solution

“Our team performed research through different medium such as, official websites of companies, web search & press releases We have shared a real-time access share link to client for the images”

Real-time Client Work

Real-time work required by the client end

Limited China Dealership Images

China OEMs' dealership images was limited

The Impact we created

With the real-time share link, client was able to access dealership images real-time basis & able to use it in the presentation he has to prepare.

Real-time Accessible Dealership Images

Due to real-time access of dealership images client was able to use it in the presentation simultaneously

Global OEM Dealership Images

Get dealership images for OEMs across countries