Case Study


Company Financial Information – Strategic News

Client wants to collect recent strategic news and announcements of chemical industries based out of 6 parameters (capacity expansion/reduction, merger, acquisitions, sale/purchase agreement) in detail.

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Detailed Research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to perform comprehensive reading and detailed research to collect relevant data as per the client’s requirement.

The Solution

“Our team gathered different news snippets by performing exhaustive research through company’s investor presentations, annual reports, press release & web search for each given company in chemical industry We have presented companies in PPT format, where we have attached all the news clips along with their sources”

Reliable Information Source

Choose the reliable source to collate the information

News Selection Parameters

Select the news as per the required parameters only

The Impact we created

With the exhaustive news and announcement information for each company provided, client was able to analyse and take necessary decisions towards future requirements.

Future Decision Analysis

Analyse and take necessary decisions towards future requirements

Strategic Decision Details

Detailed information regarding each strategic decisions