Case Study


Company Financial Information – Expense split

Client wants detailed expenses split for different companies for 3 years in fintech industry.

Resources Assigned
Project Type

Financial research


Consulting Firm



Project Completion

The Problem

It was required to perform detailed data collection of different type of expenses for 35 companies in fintech industry for last 3 years.

The Solution

“Our team gathered all the financial details for different type of expense across given companies. We have used annual reports for the same. We have collated all the financial numbers of each expenses on comparative manner for each company”

Comparative Financial Data Collection

Collect huge financial data for 35 companies on comparative basis over the years

Currency and Unit Consistency

Maintain consistency for currency & units

The Impact we created

With the detailed expenses split, client was able to do comparative analysis for each expenses covered for given companies (last 3 years).

Expense Comparative Analysis

Comparative analysis for each expenses covered for given companies

Single Company Analysis

Can perform comparative analysis for single company across years